Thursday, July 12, 2012

Carl's Gun Shop

El Dorado Springs, Missouri


Taken For Granted said...

Looks like the Sheriff is keeping an eye on you, or perhaps on the gun shop. Perhaps for the Sheriff shooting is shooting no matter what instrument is in your hands.

Juha Haataja said...

I didn't see any gun in the display window, is this a safety thing or just a choice by the owner to keep them in the store, not in the window?

Also, if this window display would have been put together by a "designer" (whatever is the right term), I don't think it would be as trustworthy as this one which seems to be a rather home-grown thing. "We sell guns, not design."

Nick Wright said...

Hey! Looks like you've made your way out my way afterall!

I live in Nevada (pronounced Nuh-vay-duh), MO, instead of Independence, KS, now. Which is just down the road from El Dorado Springs. You probably drove right past me on your way from here to Lamar.

I haven't been doing much shooting lately, but still like to see what you're up to!

Be well.

~Nick David Wright

Carl said...

Hi Nick, the manager of the DI theater in Lamar told me about a derelict but still standing screen tower at El Dorado Springs. So you're right, I went right through Nevada to get there, then continued up to KC.

Aside from the theaters I got a look of good material in Kansas. I really want to return to eastern Missouri, the top of the Ozarks region. I found it fascinating but the logistics of moving from theater to theater left me almost no time to shoot anything else there. It's similar-but-different from the West Virginia areas where I love to photograph.