Saturday, July 07, 2012


Houston, Missouri

As a side note, the town of Houston, Missouri is in the county of Texas, Missouri. Quite consistent.


Taken For Granted said...

Interesting that they don't seem to have a professional sign painter in the county.

Carl said...

Well, of course there being one available and someone paying for him to do the work would be two different things. I've got a shot of a mural from the town as I recall, I'll dig that up when I have a chance.

lyle said...

Carl, I read thru your article about white balance on TOP. Concerning this shot, did you use that procedure? Does your camera have an 'auto' white balance setting, and if so, would it have over exposed to get the 'white' station, white?

Carl said...

Lyle, auto white balance affects white balance, not exposure. The normal goal of AWB would be to render white subjects with neutral color, while correct exposure places the whites high on the scale, but not "clipped" or burned out. So a bright but detailed white subject in full sunlight might have rgb values of 235/235/235.

In this case I set the WB manually in ACR just slightly warmer than what was automatically selected by the camera, still leaving the front of the building quite blue, as it should be since it is illuminated mostly by skylight. The front of the building reads 90/90/104. That makes perfect sense both in terms of value (exposure) and WB (color) for a "white" surface in open shade (skylight).