Monday, July 23, 2012

Sunflower Coal

Wilson, Kansas

Remember that notation, "cloudless sky, but it looks dark and leaden, as much gray as blue." Right.


Unknown said...

What's interesting about this photo and the ones in the previous post is what is out there on the edges?

This photo especially I asked myself: "What did he leave out on the right?"

I'm enjoying your non-drive-in photos. Keep it coming.

Carl Weese said...

Thanks, John. It might be interesting to point out that there are three things I think are most important in making a picture. First figure out exactly where the camera has to be, then decide exactly how much of the view should be included in the frame, then decide when to release the shutter. Sometimes this happens essentially all at once, especially with a hand-held camera, but I think that sequence of decisions is quite consistent. Edges are really important.