Saturday, June 08, 2013


Burrville, Connecticut

This subject has appeared on the blog, a couple years ago when I noticed it and shot it in color digital capture. Part of the strange weather we've been having is that early summer foliage is incredibly dense and lavish. Earlier in the week I nearly finished the large format film left from the Southern Loop of last year's road trip, but I had a few sheets left over in each size. For consistency I like to develop the same number of sheets in each batch—8 for 8x10, 6 for 7x17. So, the last two mornings I went out with the big cameras in my car and looked for a few interesting subjects to shoot and bring the film counts up to normal. I thought this was a good subject to try again.


Tyler said...

Could you provide us with the URL for the earlier, digital photograph? Be interesting to compare.

In this (film-based) photograph, did you print it 'traditionally' then scan that print, or did you scan the film negative, then finish the process digitally?


lyle said...

any luck with the 7x17 'notch' problem?

Carl said...

Yes, I just cut them off. I've gotten almost good at it. Drives me crazy each time I have to do it though.

Martina said...

A drive-in screen with a hoop attached. Basketball for giants.

Carl said...

Tyler, your comment somehow got lost. I hardly ever check the comment moderation area, but went there this morning and found two orphaned messages. Anyway, I scanned the 8x10 negative. I haven't scanned prints in years now, I either print directly from the negative in Pt/Pd, or I scan and print digitally or work up for web posting.

The earlier post with the backstop is here: