Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Barco Drive-in Theater

Lamar, Missouri

This is a well-known theater that kept coming up in my research over the past decade. The screen tower is really distinctive, while the plain centerhouse (projection and concession stand) and gravel field are typical for the midwest. It's still owned by the widow of the original owner, who lives in the adjacent house, at the right of this picture, but it and a classic old in-town theater are both now managed by a non-profit theater/historical organization. I had an informative interview with the man who manages day to day affairs at both venues.

Spent the morning scanning 7x17 negatives. At this point scanning the two halves, orienting and merging them, then cropping away the border area and doing a basic cleanup of dust and scratches is averaging about half an hour each—three and a half hours for seven large scans.

Clicking on any image will make Blogger display quite a bit larger version of the file, which is helpful with these narrow panoramas.

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