Friday, June 14, 2013

Red's Crescent Drive-in Theater

Crescent City, California

On last year's trip there were half a dozen active theaters in Southern California, then very little through the central corridor. Several had closed recently, sad in itself, but also frustrating that I wasn't there in time to cover them. So this theater, just north of the big redwoods park area at the far northwest corner of the state, was a treat to find. It's very old, late 40s, and essentially original in structures. It didn't look exactly prosperous, but definitely up and running. It had been more than a day since I'd reached a theater to photograph, very unusual on the trip, so it was great to locate it and see how different the setting looked from the theaters in the south of the state.


lyle said...

don't think they will be going digital any time soon! (btw, love the photograph and how you held the textures on the screen).

Carl Weese said...

The overhead light was perfect for the screen--the digital captures didn't have any trouble holding that texture either. About making the transition, it could be a surprise. I wasn't able to make contact with anyone. They didn't respond to email and I was there on a Monday, but this is in a tourist area, adjacent to the redwoods, and that can be a key to a theater's survival. If Red has been playing it close to the vest it might be possible.