Sunday, June 30, 2013

Eagle in the Evening

New York, New York

I expected to do a lot of street shooting last weekend. The Introduction to Platinum workshop I was teaching at CAP ran from 10 AM to 6 PM Saturday and Sunday, but it was the summer solstice, the longest days of the year, so there were hours of daylight before and after the sessions. I got things I like, but not as many as I expected, because I simply didn't like the light, especially Friday and Saturday evenings. It was perfectly clear, "not a cloud in the sky," and even at the bottom of Manhattan's artificial canyons the light seemed pale and watery. I've never liked strong sunlight except for a few specific subjects (like the western drive-in theaters I mentioned here a while back) but even shade lighting has a different look to it under a cloudless sky. In this shot at nearly 8:30 in the evening I liked the warmth of the artificial light contrasting with the cold skylight illuminating the building's front facade.

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