Sunday, February 16, 2014


Willimantic, Connecticut

If you click on any picture on this blog, you'll be taken to another version. If you are using a small device, that won't change much. If you are viewing a medium to large monitor, you'll get a substantially larger and more legible version. Still nothing like a print, but a little bit better look at what's going on in the photograph.

Speaking of which, there's a month-long special offer for small exhibition-quality prints from my 107 Drive-in Theaters Gallery. (A clarification here because questions have been asked—this gallery presents only one picture each from the 107 theaters I reached on my two-part road trip in 2012. The number of theaters in the project as a whole, which dates back to 1998 and continued with a small New England trip in 2013, includes more than twice that many theaters and the number of photographs...well let's not even go there.)

Also, I found that I was making a different subset of pictures on my recent walkabouts. The reason is both aesthetic and technical, and the details of that process will be revealed in good time over at my long-dormant but now revived second blog, WPII, linked in the sidebar at the right of this page.


James Weekes said...

I think that reviving WPII is a great idea. It gives you a place to put special subsets such as the building portraits. Can't wait.

Carl Weese said...

Thanks for the support. I'll of course be interested to see if the notion has any legs in terms of traffic.