Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Woodbury, Connecticut

After interference from ridiculous weather and other issues I finally got to finish tweaking the files and outputting some prints for the February Special Print Offer. Details available in the sidebar at upper right of this page. But now it's time to take Tina out to lunch for her birthday. A new Thai place we haven't tried before.


James Weekes said... was the Thai place? My best friend lives in West Cornwall and loves Thai food. I'd love to drop the name on him from here in FL.

Carl Weese said...

It was excellent! It's tiny, but appears about to expand into a second room—it's in a prosaic suburban strip mall. Lunch special includes spring rolls and soup, a large selections of entrees all of which can have tofu substituted for meat, all for $9.95 (a little more for shrimp/crab). I'm no expert on Thai cuisine but we thought it was very well prepared.

PS: Don't have your mailing address yet on the print offer...