Wednesday, February 05, 2014

stand against the use of cocaine

Torrington, Connecticut

The Armory in Torrington has been remodeled into a community center, with a beautifully finished gym with big tournament size basketball court. Seniors also use the perimeter of the court as an indoor walking rink on weekdays. It seems as though some sort of ROTC element of the Civil Air Patrol also uses the facility, which I guess keeps up the original purpose. I want to look into that some more.

The Working Pictures February print offer, from the 107 Drive-ins Collection is ongoing. More info from the link in the sidebar on the right.

Finally, there may be a break in posting (and work on the print offer) because once I finish getting the snow out of the driveway tomorrow morning I go in for oral surgery. Maybe a simple extraction, maybe with complications—they won't know until they start.

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