Monday, October 13, 2014

One More Time

Woodbury, Connecticut

Making a few more prints of The Church and Steep Rock. As it happened, the number of prints I made in each session came out almost perfectly even, on the last day, with the total number of prints ordered, just a little short of 120. A bit too perfect. Not one order has dropped out, all but one are paid for, and I'm assured that the money order is in the mail on that one, so I find I have only two prints left over.

Trouble is, I've got to close the darkroom and make it essentially into a storage pod as we turn the whole contents of the house upside down to clear all perimeter walls for installation of the baseboard heating system to replace the antique—and deceased—steam system. So if anything goes wrong in shipping—and, while the success rate has been excellent in percentage terms, some things have gone wrong in shipping both our first TOP platinum offer and the similar Kickstarter Rewards fulfillment two years ago on the drive-in project—so I need more spare prints.

Since I had to do a short printing session, I decided to pick two of my drive-in theater project pictures, one an 8x10 original and the other a digital capture, run the files through my standard batch action to produce a digital negative file, then output them onto a sheet of 11x17 Pictorico. After the print offer work, I printed the two new negs at my standard time of 4 minutes. They seemed to do quite nicely.

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