Thursday, October 02, 2014

Printing Finished

Woodbury, Connecticut

The lab work for the TOP Platinum/Palladium Print Offer is "officially" over. The quotes are because I'll likely need to do a short session next week to replace the few prints that will probably fail to pass final inspection. The print count is very tight with the orders, almost no extras. But the production line workflow choreography is done.

There is very little spotting/retouching work to do. I think the OHP material is less prone to static and dust doesn't cling to it as much as normal film. Also, the lab is the most dust-free I've ever had it, because my new dehumidifier moves an enormous volume of air for the size of the room, and it is filtered! We may get a first shipment of prints out into the world tomorrow, depending on how long it takes to re-acquaint with USPS Click 'n Ship after not using it for several years. I expect everything to be shipped by late next week.

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