Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Very Green

Waterville, Connecticut

I'd like to head over to Waterville and see what the color there looks like now, deep into autumn. Maybe today or tomorrow.

Speaking of which, the outside temperatures got near 70° yesterday and the house took on a lot of solar gain, so it's about 60° inside this morning, instead of the 56° we had yesterday. The contractor's specialist steamfitter was here all day yesterday, fitting out the headers and connections from the new boiler to the house main pipes. He thinks that, as long as there's no problem getting the guys who do the electrical work and the fuel connections to show up when he's ready for them (always a potential problem if they're out on emergency calls), the main system should be ready to run before the end of the day. The setup that runs the hot water loop to my darkroom might need to be finished later. He also mentioned that last winter he installed one of these "mega-steam" boilers in a much larger historical house at a nearby nature center. He said he was simply amazed at how fast it distributed heat to all the radiators once he fired it up. Something to look forward to...

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