Thursday, January 14, 2016

Falls of Hills Creek (Picture and Setting Series, #4)

Monongahela National Forest, West Virginia

In July of 2000 I was traveling through West Virginia from Virginia, heading to Ohio, but the road sign for this National Forest caught my eye and I found myself hiking in with the 7x17-inch Korona.

The Korona is not meant to be turned on its side, but with care it can be done. I had spring clamps to help secure the front rail and braced two tripod legs against the park railing. It was late morning and the sun was just breaking through the forest. Fifteen minutes later and the light would have been hopeless chalk and soot, but I was able to get two sheets before that. Snapshot of the park service sign was a helpful memory jog.

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John Sarsgard said...

Enjoying this series very much...maybe time to order some 4x5 film?