Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Patti I Heart You—Picture and Setting, #3

off Rt. 68 East of Bowling Green, Kentucky

After working at Little River Canyon in Alabama in February of 2005 and shooting at several drive-in theaters in the area, I headed north through Tennessee (more theaters) and into Kentucky. After spending a night at Bowling Green I moved east on back roads in an early morning rain and spotted this storage silo with messages. The flat farmland couldn't be more different from the forested canyon.

The digicam snapshot proves useful again. I thought this had been back in Tennessee, remembering it eleven years later, but without digging out my shooting logs or transcriptions, the sequence of snapshots quickly established time and place. Today, even though I have good digital equipment, I tend to do these record shots with my iPhone. Partly because it's right there in my pocket, but also because the snaps get not only a time/date stamp, but a (usually accurate) location notation for town, though not state. Close enough to help with tracking.

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