Monday, January 11, 2016

Picture and Setting Series, #1

Sunrise, Point Pleasant, West Virginia

Beginning in early 2000, years before I had any "serious" digital cameras, I began to use a pocket FujiFilm camera as a large format photography accessory. I was holding off as long as I could on an expensive digital camera because I suspected that any professional digicam I bought at that point would be obsolete right about the minute it was amortized by assignment work.

I'd shoot each LF setup, including the camera, so I could see which format I'd been using. This proved a great help in tracking sheet film from road trips, which of course ends up as loose negatives with no sequence built in. The digital snap also carried a time stamp, so it could be closely matched to my shooting logs. I could use the browser window of digisnaps to sequence and number my large format negatives (5x7, 8x10, 7x17, 12x20). I also found it useful to make other identifying shots, like road signs, the local post office which always has the town name, roadside historical markers, or anything else that would help with context for the pictures.

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