Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Picture and Setting Series, #2

 Little River Canyon National Preserve, Alabama

The Little River is unusual in several ways, beginning with the fact that it runs along the top of Lookout Mountain, in northeastern Alabama. Another is that it has carved an enormous canyon through sandstone cliffs on a winding course south. A third is that it is a National Preserve, not a National Park. That means it is, well, preserved, but not publicized like the bigger parks, so it's much less crowded. It's also much less actively managed. There's a ranger station in nearby Fort Payne, and there are a few built-up observation areas and platforms along with a recreational area at the foot of the canyon. But mostly it's just open space where you can, carefully, get right up to the rim of the canyon walls, or climb down precipitous pathways to the river.

In mid-February of 2005, I'd just discovered this wonderful place and was making some pictures, and planning to return for the peak of spring blossoming. I was able to find interesting camera positions with no guard rails or other interferences with the view. I wanted to get a sense of the scale of the place along with the feel of the cold winter light to contrast with pictures from return trips later, in other seasons.

8x10 set up with a wide (165mm SA) lens, looking upriver, from over a point where the course makes nearly a 90° turn to the east.

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