Monday, June 19, 2017

Printing this Morning

More prints this morning. Platinum/palladium on Hahnemühle Platinum Rag. One early morning landscape from the Blue Ridge Parkway near Buena Vista, VA. Two street scenes from Princeton, WV. All shot with a Korona 7x17-inch camera and 305 G-Claron lens, on HP5-Plus, developed in PMK pyro.


Markus said...

The last one must be irresistible, Carl - just that innate tongue-in-cheek humor of a very noble paper/coating combo and that mural. Looks gorgeous!

Carl Weese said...

Thanks Markus. But don't miss the religious icon on the wall in the second shot. I did the one with the musician mural in strong afternoon light, then found the building with the icon, which faces east. I was staying with friends just under an hour away, and returned to shoot that one just as the sun was rising behind the camera.

Tony McLean said...

Fantastic prints Carl. I can't wait to see more!