Monday, March 21, 2011

City at Night

New York, New York

Living in the country along a rural two-lane highway, it's easy to forget that night-time hardly means "dark" in urban situations. I was struck during my recent weekend teaching a workshop in NYC, then again last Friday. After spending the afternoon at the AIPAD photography dealers show and then the evening at a get-together at a friend's west side apartment, I had a short walk down West Side Avenue to where my car was parked. For someone used to everything being really, really, dark at 11:30 PM, it was amazing how many things there were to try for pictures.

There's another of my contributions to "The Peace Project" up at Martin Storz's blog The Public Eye.

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lyle said...

NYC city scape at night attracts most of the attention or photographers and I have always wondered why no one does more work on the bodegas - they are so interesting and varied. Nice to see you included two here.