Thursday, March 10, 2011

Let's Take a Picture

New York, New York

I thought it was an interesting view into the building's lobby when, at first, I thought the man was just looking at a text message or something on a smart phone. Then I realized he was taking a picture of the bromeliads in the big bowls.



richardplondon said...

That's quite eerie. The distinctly greenish colour of the lighting in the more distant part of the lobby, makes it seem quite like a mirror reflection. But there is no reflection of the plants, or of the guy. Unsettling!

And the red of the chair is particularly luscious.

Markus Spring said...

Carl, you were sure that no one was photographing you? I mean, a photographer photographing a photographing man...

Astonishing is the white (im-)balance of the camera phone - it looks by far too blue. When using a viewfinder, one might overlook this because the eye adapts fast without a reference, but with a display at arm's length it is at least noteworthy.

Carl Weese said...

Richard, the reflections are really complex. There's a "glass wall" with a strong green tint between the lobby and the more distant elevator area. Then the marble floor and walls are all polished mirror-bright, and of course there are reflections in the exterior glass wall that I'm looking through from the sidewalk. I was *there* and I can't quite figure out all of the reflections looking at the file with high magnification!

Carl Weese said...


Exactly! The bright blue color is why at first I didn't recognize it as a picture of the scene and thought it was a web page with a blue-themed template, or whatever. Then I saw that it was a live-view of the potted plants and knew I had a potential picture.