Saturday, October 01, 2011

End of the Day, 9/13/11

Mansfield, Ohio

Finally arrived at a place to stay 9/13/11. I'd had a great day shooting, count 'em, six, theaters, but ended that run in the suburbs of Akron, OH. I used the GPS to look up places to stay, and found only fortress style chain motels. When I called them to ask the rates, I nearly dropped the phone. Did they think they were Manhattan? So I rolled on toward the next town on my research map, Mansfield. There was a Motel 6 that clearly was a redo of an older motel, all freshly remodeled rooms, but still with drive-to-the-door access, for $39.99 plus taxes, with free WiFi.

When I was a kid, there was an adage repeated both at home and at school that you could choose a good roadhouse restaurant by seeing if a lot of big rig trucks were pulled in. Nothing could be more ludicrously incorrect. But, the current corollary might have some value. If independent/contract truckers, particularly in Bobtail configuration (the tractor with no trailer to haul at the moment) are at a motel, it probably offers absolute bare-bones but perfectly decent accommodations at the cheapest price in town.


James Weekes said...

The next time you go on a drive-in trip, in your spare time, you should start to document the independent motels and little inns where you stay. The 7x17 would seem the perfect medium. Just seeing the details of the ones from this trip was fascinating.
Even using the G3 in wide 16x9 mode would work pretty well.

I got the GF3, because the G3 was not available in time for our trip. Still isn't. Love the little beast and am astounded by the file quality. I also picked up a G2 which is selling at $299. My K-5 is getting some rest. I'm going to try the K mount to Micro 4/3 adapter to see how the Pentax pancakes work.

Jim Weekes

Carl Weese said...

Jim, this part of middle America—OH, MI, WI, IN for this trip—seems the world of the chain motel. I just didn't find independent operations the way I have in the northeast, farther out west, or down south. Just seems to be a regional business model thing.