Friday, October 07, 2011

Public Art

Buckyrus, Ohio

There are murals in many of these midwestern towns. I've seen low-key murals on old buildings in Pennsylvania and New York state as well, but there seem to be more in Ohio, and they are nothing if not ambitious. I don't know who sponsors or finances them. This one turns the whole end of a block into trompe-l'œil


As for what is supposed to be going on here in the narrative of the mural, well, I'm just not going there.


typingtalker said...

In this mural, Lady Liberty cradles a dying soldier in her arms, surrounded by the portraits of 284 veterans from Crawford County, Ohio.

There is another one up the street.
I expect that Carl has a picture of that one too.

richardplondon said...

I wonder - has Google Streetview automatically blurred out the faces in these murals? (grin)

typingtalker said...

I leave it as an exercise for richardplondon to find the other mural.

It appears that Google Streetview's photographic quality is not quite as good as Carl's.

Markus Spring said...

The overview image is intriguing, as the flat light eliminates quite well the borders between the mural and the surroundings. And I am (again) astonished about the amount of continuing and public worship for the heroic...