Saturday, October 29, 2011

First Snow

Woodbury, Connecticut

Just after noon the snow is arriving. Predictions are all over the map. Optimists forecast just some wet heavy snow that will melt in the 40 degree temperatures. Catastrophe-mongers—most of the media—predict 10 or 12 inches and high winds that will take down trees to cause massive power outages. We'll see.


Martina said...

Uiii. Oh no. I do hope heater is working by now. Brrr.

Carl Weese said...

Martina, the oil company's head technician (and steam system expert) got the boiler back online Thursday evening. So we have heat. Emails are coming in for cancellation of various local events this evening. The snow is coming in so fast that it is sticking to the roads even though the temperature is above freezing. But it's supposed to dip below freezing tonight, maybe just as the snow is melting from retained temp in the pavement. Worst possible road conditions.

Anonymous said...

Looks linke the Mongers called it right for a change.
Be well and and stay warm as is possible.