Thursday, October 06, 2011


Buckyrus, Ohio

I went through this town with the interesting name back in 2002, on another DI expedition. Then, I just went to the business route instead of the bypass to have a look, in a pouring rain. This time, I was on the smaller roads anyway to get between two of the theaters on my itinerary. As with Galion, where I'd did a little walkabout less than an hour before, I'd liked to have spent more time just looking around for pictures, but the time of day and weather conditions pushed me to get back in the car and head on to catch the next drive-in theater in the clear midwestern sunlight. Still, there were more pictures than just this one to be had.


typingtalker said...

I drove through Bucyrus on route 4 (strait as an arrow) some years ago to avoid still another two hour Columbus-Cleveland trip on I-71. I was familiar with the name Bucyrus Erie as a maker of "steam" shovels and cranes. Unfortunately for the town, the company moved to Milwaukee in 1893. There is still a big, mostly empty industrial building in Erie, PA with the Bucyrus name on the wall.

After a century of changes and one visit to chapter 11, Bucyrus International was bought by Caterpillar in July, 2011. The Wikipedia entry is interesting.

Carl Weese said...

Thanks, TT.

I knew that a town with a name like this would have to be interesting. I'll check the Wiki entry. Stay tuned...there will be more pictures.

Don and Sher said...

There is a good project for anyone, water towers, many with names on them,becoming scarce.