Monday, May 13, 2013

Today's Tests

Woodbury, Connecticut (Shepaug at Steep Rock, CT; United African American Baptist Church, Iron Gate, VA; Strange Creek Independent Baptist Church, WV; M+F Drive-in Theater, Milton-Freewater, OR)

Three new pictures and a tweak (new negative) of one from yesterday.

The Pogues are keeping me company on the smart phone and external speakers.

I think it's working.


John Sarsgard said...

They look great from here. I'm sure even better close up and in person. Pogues...bringing back memories. Gotta go to itunes and get some!

Carl said...

Pogues: Tina found several CDs on Amazon a few years ago. Generous remasters of original albums with lots of extra cuts. I hadn't known about them at the time, amazing musicians.

Neil Partridge said...

Really enjoying seeing your test prints, they have a certain ethereal quality to them in black and white. As a non-home-developer/printer I got a bit lost with the detail of the aims/outcomes you were documenting. When you have regained your sanity, and have a spare hour or so, would you mind describing the end-to-end process in layman's terms. I'm guessing you were "calibrating" timings/chemicals/papers... but would be good to understand it. Thank you. PS I saw Shane MacGowan perform a couple of years back near Southampton, England. A lively show to say the least... he had a stage hand regularly lighting cigarettes for him... don't think he could manage to do it himself!!!

Carl said...

Neil, when this is over I'll either do a summary post, or publish a write-up at The Online Photographer. The short take is that I'm trying to refine an approach I like for a hybrid digital/platinum print system. Most of my large format work has been intended for Pt/Pd printing for many years. The juggling act here is to convert a scan of a negative (or a digital capture original) into an inkjet negative printed on transparent media, which has the characteristics needed to make a satisfactory print on hand-coated platinum/palladium paper. There are a lot of variables. The primary reasons for doing this are, one, to make prints different in size from the negative. Platinum is contact only, so to change the size of the print you need a second-generation negative at the new size. Two, film is going away, or at least will become too expensive for general work, so I want to be able to print from captures. Three, making more than a few prints is physically rough on the negative, so pretty stressful for the person making the prints. That's eliminated if the prints are made from an expendable second-generation matrix.