Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Woodbury, Connecticut

Some of our dogwoods flowering just now, as a thunderstorm rolls in.


Markus said...

This mood of impending rain is for me prototypical spring - dogwood of that size is not found here - which I like much better than the usual blue sky/white blossoms images one finds on all those calendars.

But then, maybe I am biased in favor of rainy and cool weather because of my decades of allergies and my skin's sensibility for sun. Certainly each individual history also reflects in likings and dislikings of sceneries as well as images.

Carl said...

Markus, I've always preferred overcast days to clear sunlight,too. Not just for making pictures, but just because. I do think things like being easily sunburned (me too) have a subconscious effect on us.