Friday, June 10, 2011

Four Girls

Seymour, Connecticut

At the Memorial Day Parade.


cj goad ~ photography said...

Like this one very much Carl.

Rich Gift Of Lins said...

The painting looks like Richmal Crompton's "William", and if William ever was to stoop to having a girl friend (God forbid), then that little girl looks like she might just be an ideal candidate. It's a classic moment!

Carl Weese said...

cj, Colin,

Thanks, I'm fond of this one too.

This is a particularly nice example of why I like "straight, observational" photography. I couldn't dream up this scenario in a million years, but the world serves up scenarios like this for free if you're just persistent enough to get lucky. Whenever I look at photographs that are heavily directed, set up for the camera, they always strike me as dull compared to what you can find, free for the picking, out in the world. Decades ago I read an article in a French magazine with Cartier-Bresson where he said something that translates pretty well as "good photographers aren't lucky, they're persistent."

Dennis said...

I'm guessing you're not that fond of Jeff Wall, maybe.

Carl Weese said...


Exactly. Or the other guy who stages his elaborate setups in Pittsfield, because it's a cheap place to do that sort of thing, when I like to shoot there because it offers so many real things to look at.