Sunday, June 26, 2011

Too Much Green

Washington, Connecticut

The past winter here in southern New England was extremely cold, with lots of snow that wreaked havoc with municipal and personal budgets. Spring featured weird fluctuating temperatures and enormous amounts of rain. An early hot spell before the trees had blossomed vectored into intense chill and wet that resulted in an extended and spectacular spring flowering tree season.

Now, the temperatures continue to fluctuate with a few days of stifling heat followed by a string of night time lows down near 50°F, then back to the heat again.

These conditions have brought out foliage like I can't remember seeing before in the northeast. While making these pictures a few days ago, I kept shaking my head because what I was looking at was so familiar. Not the fact that I know these places well and have photographed them many times in the decades I've lived nearby: no, they didn't look like themselves at all. In fact what looked familiar was quite the opposite. I felt as if I were making pictures, 500 miles away to the south, in high summer conditions in the Shenandoah Valley of western Virginia, like this set.


Martina said...

Rainforest - that was my thought when looking at "the rain keeps coming" photo the other day ... . Strangely it is the same here: yesterday we had around 57 °F and rain and today it is 79 °F and sunny. It has been like this for some weeks now: up and down, up and down. Exhausting.

Admin said...

Carl, as you know, Giles county is close to my heart, and I love the pictures you have taken there. Thanks for showing them.

Things are quite lush here in Virginia too, but I can't really say that this year has been unusual in that regard. Our weather has been unusually variable though.