Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tina in "The Times"

Well, one of Tina's paintings is in The Times:

Tina was at a gathering this afternoon (I was in Winsted, CT, photographing The Laurel Festival) when a friend came over and said, "Your painting looks great in The Times."

It seems that The Paper of Record chose to show a reproduction of a painting from Tina's current show in Roxbury, CT, as the sole illustration on the Calendar page of their Metro Section in today's Sunday Times. Driving home from Winsted, alerted to this news via cell phone, I tried to find a copy of The Times at CVS, Walgreens, Cumberland Farms, all without success. I discovered that there was nothing resembling an old-fashioned general purpose store with all the papers anywhere in the small city of Torrington. Finally, at a giant Stop & Shop in Litchfield I managed to score a copy. And then almost didn't have enough cash on me to walk out with it. Who knew the Sunday Times is up to six bucks now?


Tyler said...

Okay, so my monastic seclusion leaves me out of touch with current practices, but...

Shouldn't the NYT have contacted Tina for permission to reproduce a copyrighted work before putting it in the paper?

It is not commentary or criticism within the constraints of 'fair use', but, as you say, they used it as an "illustration" for what would otherwise be a bleak page of text—and it performs this function admirably.

Carl Weese said...

Tyler, working with the person in charge of publicity for the library, we sent out repro-quality files of several paintings as part of the "press release" for the show. So permission to use the files is pretty much a given. The whole idea was to encourage papers to show one of them to their readers, and in fact we were quite successful. Three local newspapers, a web site that covers the arts in this part of the state, and now the NYT all chose one of Tina's pictures instead of something from all the other arts events going on at the same time, so we're delighted.

John Sarsgard said...

Bravo and congrats to Tina! With the NYT lensblog coverage of the driveins, and now this, you guys are arriving.