Thursday, November 01, 2012

Blog Notes: still no power

The wind and rain from Sandy did no damage at our place, but the grid went down and as of late Thursday morning we still have no power at the house. Main street has finally been powered up and I'm logging on from the library to check email and post this note. No information on when it will be over. It's nowhere near as cold as during the big outage this time last year, but it's basically impossible to do anything with the power out.


Don and Sher said...

I was wondering how you made out as you headed up north with the storm coming in.

Scott Kirkpatrick said...

Glad to hear you are just having a time out. It could have been much worse. Good luck getting the power back soon.


Martina said...

Stay safe and warm and dry - I do hope power will be back soon.
Got some déjà vu right now ;-)

Taken For Granted said...

Good to know you suffered no damage. May your power be restored soon. Welcome to the 19th Century.