Monday, November 26, 2012


Ruskin, Florida

Ruskin, Florida

This is a bit of a mystery, I haven't figured out what the building was originally. The construction is robust and includes some fancy touches, but I don't know what the ruin was originally for. It's the only structure, or ruin, for quite some distance, in an area along the Little Manatee River.

As a technical side note, this didn't get into the recent "walk in the woods" post because there was unacceptable sensor fringing in the branches against the bright overcast sky. But today I was experimenting with the new and vastly improved "defringe" tools in ACR version 7.x (part of PSCS6). It occurred to me to go look up this file. The new tools easily changed false-color branches into believable-looking bright highlight areas.


Anonymous said...

Excuse me carl i know its been along time since this post was originally posted but i was woundering where is this old wooden structure I'm a researcher and would love to photograph this please get back to me asap

Carl Weese said...

For some reason this comment never got to my inbox, I just discovered it at my blogger comments page. Anyway, as with all my pictures, the title is the location, in this case Ruskin, FL. It's in a park/reservation along the Little Manatee River.

history buff said...

hey and thanks for your reply.i was looking on local maps of ruskin and wasnt able to locate this park/reservation.ive lived in ruskin all my life and was woundering if you might remember the location or name of the park this structure is in.any information. is greatly appreciated.

Carl Weese said...

from my shooting log, "looking around upstream on the Little Manattee River, it’s been bought by the county for preservation, and Camp Bayou gets to use what was formerly a trailer park and not at all unspoiled."

Also, ask the folks at The Firehouse Cultural Center. They know about the place.