Monday, November 05, 2012

Meaningful Cremations

Ocala, Florida

A Florida billboard not about politics, which was a pretty rare thing this October. Though it strikes me as quite a rare bird in its own right.

Posts from the Big Southern Loop of the Drive-in Theater Project are resuming, while I continue to try to thaw out enough to design the DI calendar needed to move forward on the Kickstarter Rewards material. I already have the Southern Loop picture picked out, but have to get everything else in motion.


Andreas said...

Oh yes, this is absolutely hilarious. At least as good as machine-created SPAM: complete and utter nonsense :)

Love it.

Carl Weese said...

Andreas, I'm sure you know of the magazine The New Yorker. I learned to read/write American English the way I do, not in school, but because my parents subscribed, and I read it cover to cover starting at maybe ten years old. Of course the cartoons are famous, but also the several filler pieces they used, to stabilize the design of the pages. Instead of pull quotes, they had "block that metaphor" which was basically quoting bad writing in other publications, for ridicule. They also had my favorite, which was Quote Without Comment (because simply quoting showed how ridiculous the original was). Much of my WP blog is inspired by, or participates in, the spirit of Quote Without Comment.

Andreas said...

Not that I wouldn't have guessed :D :D :D

Oh, by the way, those captchas are increasingly difficult to manage. Not that they are not intended to, but there is a point where it gets detrimental :)

Carl Weese said...

Andreas, I think the only way I can fix this (if I don't enable the filter I'm swamped with junk) is to migrate to another platform, like WordPress, and I simply can't spend the time to do it now. I'm sure I will when I come out from under other things, and in the meantime thank you for taking the trouble to get past the blogger interface. I value your input.

Andreas said...

No problem.

Otoh, isn't it terrible how things go down the drain? I can remember a world when my corporate workstation was directly connected to the Internet and when even the thought of a firewall was annoying. Those were the days :)