Monday, September 08, 2014

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Chatham, New York

An announcement on the "things to look forward to" front. We're about to launch our second Special Platinum/Palladium Print Offer, at The Online Photographer site (see link at right). The first one, back in 2010, was successful, putting 240 Pt/Pd prints out into the world. So successful, in fact, that I resolved never again to commit to making scores of Pt/Pd contact prints from irreplaceable original in-camera negatives. The difficulty was that, at that point, I hadn't seen digital/platinum prints that I found convincing, while the traditional analog approach to second generation negatives has never appealed to me. So I kept an eye on things in the field for the next several years.

Over the course of months last summer and fall I ran exhaustive tests (some of the gory details can be seen by clicking on "platinum/palladium" in the "Labels" sidebar at right) to come up with a procedure to make digital negatives that produced Pt/Pd prints that have the all-important "look" of quiet, rich, smooth tonality that to me is the signature of the process.

Then the planets had to come into alignment for the timing of the second Pt/Pd TOP print sale, and that time is 7:00 AM, Central Time, this coming Wednesday, September 10. The sale will run for exactly five days. Two prints will be offered, at a fraction of the gallery price. Stop by Wednesday morning for a look at the pictures. A couple of platinum prints won't control pests or remove critters, but they could be very nice things to have.


James Weekes said...

A couple of things. I hope to add at least one PT/PD print to my collection this week at the TOP sale. I love the soft subtle shades that the process allows.

Secondly, I would like to say how nice it is to read your writing on more posts. As you quote David Vestal two posts above, if you want to tell a story use words. Your photos do very well on their own but your writing brings even more life to them.

Now, get to work making prints!

Carl said...

I hope you'll find the two selections appealing. During the print offer I'll have quite a bit of writing at TOP dealing with the pictures, the process, the printing, etc.

I'll try to keep thinking of relevant things to write to accompany the blog pictures.