Thursday, September 18, 2014

Rainy Day, Late July

Canaan, Connecticut

When we moved into our not-brand-new house, built in 1744,  the steam boiler looked as though it had been installed during update number three or four, maybe in the 50s. Amazingly, it has continued to run, until now. Earlier in the week, when the technicians tried to do the yearly service to get it through another season, it became obvious that wasn't going to happen.

We had been hoping to do extensive restoration on the place next year, and wanted a new heating system to be part of that. The last thing in the world we want is to spend thousands of dollars on a replacement boiler to continue to have lousy, inefficient, and parts-of-the-house-cold steam heat. So we have to replace the entire heating system on a semi-emergency basis. Just when I'm buried in work to complete the orders from the TOP Platinum sale.

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James Weekes said...


This happened to me in Vermont one time, and once here in Florida, to our A/C , when it was 90f/90% humidity. I know what a total disruption (and expense) it is. Get a well designed system, it's worth it down the road.

If it is any help at all you may put my platinum print at the end of the queue and make it after the work is done.

Best of luck.