Saturday, September 13, 2014


Hudson, New York

We ran off for the afternoon. A photographer friend was in an opening at a gallery in Hudson, and we'd been meaning for years to get to the nearby Thomas Cole House National Historic Site. Tina thinks of the Hudson River School painters as a strong background influence on her work, and I love seeing original paintings by Cole and Church and the rest. The house was itself fascinating and worth taking the tour.

The weather turned to rain as soon as we got to our destination, and while I like rain it was a little too thick to do as much work as I might have liked in the interesting light at Catskill, NY, but I got a few things there, and some more back across the river in Hudson, killing a bit of time before the gallery opening. In between we had a genuine New York Style Pizza (if you grew up near NYC the style is unmistakeable) at a little place on Main Street, Catskill, that we remembered having lunch at perhaps fifteen years ago.

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