Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Used To Be...

Millerton, New York

Corporate ID isn't just ad agency hype, it's a real thing. I was surprised that I didn't instantly recognize the empty gas station neon sign—Sunoco popped into my head after a few seconds. The rainy day seemed perfect for this.

Copake, New York

So I have to wonder where the name of this old-fashioned fast food place came from. The town of Copake is a metropolis of 3,600 people. It's set a little more than a mile west of an utterly empty section of Rt. 22, the two-lane state highway running north/south near the Connecticut border. The Hub lies about two-thirds of the way between the highway and the town. Hub of what, I wonder?

In other news, the TOP Platinum Print Offer ended at 7:00 PM Central last night. Something over a hundred prints will be heading out across the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and all the way to Singapore and Japan. I'll be tied up with fulfillment till sometime next month, but I have a good backlog of recent photographs to keep this blog ambling along in the meantime.

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