Thursday, September 18, 2014

And the Printing Begins

Woodbury, Connecticut

This morning went to discussing the heat situation with the head tech for the firm we've been using, doing a full survey so he can come up with an estimate on completely replacing the antiquated single pipe steam system with the latest high efficiency furnace and baseboard circulating water radiation. Then we needed to get some things, including moving boxes, to get everything in the house away from the walls and stacked in the center of the rooms so the work can be done. I finally got into the darkroom about half-past noon and did a short session just to see that everything's working. Luckily, the lab is the one place in the house that already had circulating water baseboard (which had been shut down for several years), so no new work has to be done there, just tie the lines and wiring for the thermostat in with the new equipment. A really big benefit of the new system is that I won't have to shut down the lab for the winter months.

It was cool overnight, so the platinum solution, which is saturated at about 70°F, had formed feathery crystals at the bottom of the bottle. A few minutes on a coffee mug warmer heats it up enough to go back into solution.

UPS was here. The little box contains a small fortune in Pt/Pd printing supplies from ArtCraft Chemical. The big packages are shipping supplies from Uline. I'll be trying to make as many prints as possible before all hell breaks loose around here.

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