Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Torrington, Connecticut

More and more satellite dishes seem to be appearing in urban areas here in western Connecticut, especially on converted multi-family residences. Recently when our local cable service provider stopped doing "bundles" we found that more than half of the proposed bill for high speed cable, unlimited phone, and TV—was for the TV. Which we hardly ever watch. So we cut the TV part of it, don't miss it a bit, and have a much lower monthly cable bill.


James Weekes said...

I will guess that your local cable service provider has no competition. We are lucky to have two major and one minor cable outfit with full coverage. The "bundles" are alive and well and keep prices down. At the end of a contract we have some leverage and keep our monthly bill down....or switch.

Carl Weese said...

Yeah, dish is effectively their only competitor. OK, perhaps, if you're mostly interested in TV, but if the interest is primarily high speed internet, not so much.