Friday, February 08, 2013

107 Drive-ins—Plus: Blog Notes

The Brazos Drive-in Theater, Granbury, TX

Recently I've been working on the enormous amount of material from The Giant Road Trip last year. One project has been to select one picture in black & white from each of the 107 drive-in theaters reached on the trip. If you're curious to see this overview set of pictures you can find them at this LINK.

In other notes, I was supposed to be heading for New York today to set up to teach an Introduction to Platinum workshop at CAP, but the giant winter storm that's heading for the northeast put a stop to that. By mid-day just about all area transportation will be shut down. We've rescheduled the workshop for March 16-17.

I'd been expecting, as usual, to get a nice set of pictures for blog posts from morning and evening shooting in the city, but now I guess I might be posting some snaps of snowy Woodbury instead.


Edd Fuller said...

Carl, the link from the thumbnails to the large version of the drive-in pictures is not working for me. I get a 404 Not Found error.

Carl said...

Edd, the gallery was probably not working for a while around 11:00 because I was uploaded a corrected version, fixing some missing identifiers and such. The downside of using the Bridge Output Module is that I have to re-up the whole thing to make corrections and it takes twenty minutes or so.

Edd Fuller said...

Yep, it's working now. Thanks.
Carl, there is some very nice work here. While I enjoyed seeing your color pictures of drive-ins from your road trip, this subject really starts to resonate for me in black & white.

Carl said...

Edd, these are conversions from the extensive coverage I did with digital capture. The most exciting/unusual/regionally-characteristic ones also got done with 8x10 or 7x17 film. B&W. A side note is that this is the only subject where I've been pleased with conversions. I really "see" the theaters in mono while with other subjects I know that I'm making color pictures and taking the color out doesn't work. Another aspect is that when the theater decoration is strongly about color—as it often is—I've wound up with color and b&w versions that I'm equally fond of.

John Sarsgard said...

I had assumed they were 8x10 black and white! Conversions either work or not based on why you made the photo, as you said. My experience too. These belong in the Library of Congress!