Monday, February 18, 2013

Super 8

Fairfield Heights, Illinois


Ernest Theisen said...

Carl, this is really nice! I check your blog every morning, always good stuff to look at. Carl I have a G3 and I really love it except it is too loud! I was photographing my grand daughters piano recital and when I tried to film it I got a loud BONG and when I stopped filming I got another loud BONG. That one turned heads! How do I shut the shutter and other indicator sounds off. I Cant find it in the book. Ernie

Carl said...

Hi Ernie,

Glad you enjoy the posts. You can definitely turn off the electronic indicator sounds in the menus, (Setup menu, "beep" item) but there is still a mechanical shutter actuation that is fairly loud--there are times I wish it were quieter. I understand that the G5 model has a completely silent mode which must utilize a purely "electronic shutter" to get rid of the mechanical noise. It's also supposed to have improved video so if you are using that aspect as well it might be worth upgrading.

Ernest Theisen said...

Thank you Carl. Keep those great images coming. Ernie