Friday, February 08, 2013

Storm Liveblogging: I

Woodbury, Connecticut

The snow is off to a slow start, but it's cold enough that none of it is melting.

Woodbury, Connecticut


Markus Spring said...

Carl, I cross my fingers for you that there won't be a major blackout and you can keep warm at least!

Carl Weese said...

It's still a very fine but steady snowfall, little accumulation mid-afternoon. But the forecast is for the storm to "bomb" over the warmer-than-normal Atlantic and sweep in with extremely rapid accumulation and high winds: classic white-out blizzard conditions. Power failures are inevitable though you can't predict where. On top of that Saturday night temperatures are supposed to go down to 0°F which will be dangerous to people and property. Not a pleasant prospect.

Anonymous said...

Last report I heard is 2 feet of snow thus far. Be careful & stay inside.