Friday, February 08, 2013

Storm Liveblogging: II

Woodbury, Connecticut

There's a steady fall of very fine snow. I've been reading up on why they expect such a severe event. The main area of the storm is expected to "bomb"—rapidly increase in severity—partly because the temperature is just below freezing (that lets the air hold a maximum amount of moisture to turn into snow) and the Atlantic is several degrees warmer than normal which pumps still more moisture into the atmosphere. Cold and warm fronts are meeting which will make for winds as high as 75 mph for full blizzard, whiteout conditions. Power failures are inevitable. Regional utilities have already estimated 30% or more of customers will lose power, and Saturday the temperature is predicted to get down around 0°F (around -15°C). It's also an especially high tide, so the places that got clobbered by Sandy at the end of October are going to get hit with another storm surge along with the snow and low temperatures.

Late afternoon public transit is closed down and in CT the governor strongly advised everyone to stay off the roads beginning back at noon.

Woodbury, Connecticut

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