Sunday, February 13, 2011


Washington Depot, Connecticut

The snow is all still here, after weeks of sub-freezing temperatures. In the next few days warmer temperatures are predicted so maybe we'll get some melting and be able to do some cleanup.


Markus Spring said...

So you got Emmerich to set the stage live down there in Connecticut?

Marvellous - the snow filling the whole frame gives the impression that this is just the foot of a real mountain!

Carl Weese said...

Thanks Markus. One of those odd times, I was on my way to do something else, almost didn't shoot this, but then was surprised at how much I liked it when it turned up in the browser window.

Martina said...

Like someone standing in a waterfall. I like it very much too, red rules, hm ... . And the "man"'s position in the right corner is perfect.