Monday, February 28, 2011

Still More from Save the American Dream, Hartford

Hartford, Connecticut


David said...

The Money for Jobs photo is pretty strong. And it looks like you dragged out your DSLR for the occasion.

Carl Weese said...

David, guilty as charged.

Mostly, I avoid the narrow viewpoint of long lenses because I have a strong sense that (reference to 70s politics) "the significant detail, isn't."

But there are situations where I have something to say and just can't get at it with my usual swirling, complex, juxtapositional constructions. I also used the dslr for a wider viewpoint than I have m4/3s stuff for. I found myself switching around so that I had either the 15mm (e-23) on the Pentax with the 20mm (e-40) on the GF1, or the 14mm (e-28) on the GF1 and the 70mm (e-105) on the Pentax.

But I still find long/tight pictures weak. They become textural, rather than visual, which brings up the very good question of whether I should just have used words instead.