Thursday, February 03, 2011


Waterbury, Connecticut

This was nearly a week ago. There have been two more snowfalls since.


Martina said...

Hm, seems this snow-thing is not going to end soon ... we had snow, too, yesterday. About 1 cm. That's 0,3937 inch. ;-)

Scott Kirkpatrick said...

It has been raining for almost a week here in Israel. Does that count? We need the water, at least.


Carl Weese said...

Friday morning at 7:20 it's -3° F, so the huge piles of shoveled or plowed snow all have the consistency of cast iron. Even if the roads are clear, driving is a mess because so many sight lines are obstructed. If we want to use the studio in the barn, we'll just have to walk on top of the path. Clearing it by hand is out of the question. This isn't nice at all.