Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Brick Reformed Church

Montgomery, New York

The weather forecast for today was ridiculous, temperatures up over 60° F by afternoon, on February first. I decided I wanted to have a look at the winter light on this crazy weather day in some places near enough to get to easily but not the ones right around the corner where I shoot all the time. Along with the warm temperatures there was the sort of overcast light that I love, not dark and gloomy, but soft and luminous. So I did about three hours of walkabout in Walden, Ellenville, and Liberty, New York. Then the sky cleared and in the early afternoon and I decided to try to find a different route back to I-84 to see if I could find some more interesting towns. That didn't work out all that well, but on Route 17W I found this, with sun and cloud atmosphere that worked nicely.

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