Monday, February 27, 2012

Tri-Way Drive-in Theater

Plymouth, Indiana

The Tri-Way is a four screen theater (the name is a geographical reference) not far from The Melody. Both serve the same resort lake area. The marquee is new, but painstakingly designed and built in the tradition of classic big neon marquees from decades ago.

Plymouth, Indiana

The field is big and the owner is proud of his concession stand with a wide selection of restaurant quality foods. 

Plymouth, Indiana

There's also an extensive miniature golf course, all custom built on site with no stock parts. The owner met me early in the morning at the theater for a fascinating interview.


lyle said...

This place looks lovingly maintained, from the new marquee to the landscaping. Is it rare to have something like a miniature golf course, or other entertainment on site?

Carl said...

Lyle, entertainment on the site used to be standard, from playground equipment to miniature railroads. I've seen miniature golf setups at quite a few big, successful operations. The playground equipment has been removed at many places for liability concerns, though I noticed it was still there at a lot of the theaters I visited on this trip through the midwest. Successful DI theaters don't just show movies. Whether it's food better and cheaper than fast food chains, or extra entertainment for the kids, they are all about providing genuine affordable 'family entertainment.'