Saturday, February 04, 2012

Green, and President McKinley

Walden, New York

Not so sure about green Chinese food, but then the former president is looking pretty green himself.

Walden, New York


Scott Kirkpatrick said...

Was President McKinley born in Walden NY (before Chinese food arrived)? Haven't you shown him before?

Carl Weese said...

Scott, no, he was an Ohio native, and began politics there as well. I haven't turned up what connection there might be to Walden, NY.

robert said...

I hope he stays put, they don't seem make this type of statue anymore. Of course there are not too many [politicians] who are statue worthy these days.

DerekL said...

Robert, statues like that are pricey - and they don't let the architect/artist show off his "genius". Showing off and winning awards are much more important than actually being attractive and related to the object of the memorial.