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Canaan, Connecticut

Coming, and Going

Canaan, Connecticut

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Waterbury, Connecticut

Beauty Salon

Waterbury, Connecticut

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Torrington, Connecticut

From the Sidewalk

Naugatuck, Connecticut

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Torrington, Connecticut

Shop Windows

Torrington, Connecticut

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Washington, Connecticut
Color and Monochrome

Here's another view from Monday where what little color there was to be seen in the fog roiling off the snow and water was really pretty unpleasant. The effect is nicer this way. But half a mile or so down the path was another subject where the color content was essential to the picture.

Washington, Connecticut

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Washington, Connecticut


In comments on the recent snow series posted here, there's been some discussion about whether the nearly monochrome color is a benefit, or whether perhaps it would be better to convert the pictures to full monochrome. I was thinking about this Monday as I struggled along the precarious path along the Shepaug River at Hidden Valley. We've had weird weather with alternating days of unseasonable warmth following nights with near 0°F temperatures. The warm air creates masses of fog. The combination of high precipitation levels and frozen ground has led to widespread flooding. I've found in the past that roaring flood waters make lovely elements of b&w pictures, but even the nicest pattern of swirling yellow-green-brown muddy water isn't very appealing in color. So I thought in terms of b&w, and converted the digital captures. Above is the ice-bound path north along river, and here's the spot I wanted to reach:

Washington, Connecticut

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Torrington, Connecticut

Mixed Messages

Torrington, Connecticut

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Litchfield, Connecticut

Snow, IV & V

Litchfield, Connecticut

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