Friday, September 27, 2013

Three Brown Cows

Woodbury, Connecticut

Well, steers, actually, but one thing for certain is that autumn is here.

Now That's a Sign

Weirs Beach, New Hampshire

But it isn't the sign for the theater, over across the street. It points the way to the resort with arcades, shops, and a dock for day cruise ships that take tourists around the lakes. The sign is in the "Googie" style that was also popular at drive-in theaters, and the whole place struck me as something from a time capsule, very much like parts of the Jersey shore when I was growing up, back in the 50s.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


St. Johnsbury, Vermont

At least not everything in The People's Republic of Vermont is totally politically correct.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

More of the Winners

Honor, Michigan

Traveling at the end of the week, and recovering, yesterday, I didn't keep up with the Honda drive-in theater promotion, but this is my shot of The Cherry Bowl, which was their second winner. I made this with my 8x10 in September of 2011.

Graham, Texas

The Graham theater, another 8x10 shot, from June of 2012

The McHenry, Honda's fourth winner, is new to me, not in my collection. I don't think it appears in the main online theater lists I've used for my research. Neither were the two theaters I photographed up in New Hampshire last week. It was never my goal simply to catalog the theaters by shooting every single one, but it's a little annoying to find there are theaters that my research never turned up. The campaign must be making good publicity for Honda because they announced that they will award four additional digital projection systems, for a total of nine.

Newburgh, Oregon

The fifth contest winner. My camera position was out in the shoulder of a busy four-lane highway, so I did this one with digital capture, hand-held, late June, 2012.


West Berlin, Vermont

Storm Light

Lancaser, New Hampshire

Had a little weather Thursday evening, up in the northern hills.

Lancaser, New Hampshire

Lancaser, New Hampshire

Friday, September 13, 2013

The Randall Drive-in Theater

Randolf/Bethel, Vermont

Amazingly, the very heavy weather I was in all day, moving around from New Hampshire down into central Vermont, opened up into luminous open light with a dramatic sky and no rain, just as I arrived at the theater. I quickly set up the 7x17" Korona in case the downpours came back, and made two slightly different views. Then a lot of coverage with digital capture.

A really productive two day expedition, but exhausting. Got back in about 8:00 PM.